Give the best healthcare delivery to clients who visit 37 Mil hospital

Healthcare is very salient in the lives of every individual. It is on this note that the  Out-going Commander of the 37 Military Hospital and newly appointed Director General (DG) Medical Services of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF)  Brig Gen Ralph Kodjo Ametepi urged his colleagues, senior specialists and all staff of the facility to give the best of healthcare delivery to all clients who visit the facility.

Brig Gen Ametepi emphasized that it has been the vision of the facility to create a centre of excellence where clients and staff of the facility, irrespective of their rank or social status can walk in and leave the facility with satisfaction.

Let us therefore put our shoulders to the plough and ensure that the best healthcare delivery is available to all who come to us for care and ensure that supervision is ensured at all times, he stressed.

He made these remarks during the handing and taking over ceremony   between him and the in-coming Commander of the facility Brig Gen Ernest Crosby (Jnr) Saka on Monday, March 14, 2016 at the Boardroom of the facility in Accra.

The Out-going Commander said social media has provided an avenue for people to express their dissatisfaction against service providers and that of the hospital, hence the need for a concerted efforts by all not only with how clients are handled but how they are communicated with and taken care of when they visited the facility.

The newly appointed DG Medical Services underscored that since the facility is now a formation, uniform personnel should not  allow themselves to be treated as inferior to the infantry man when it comes to regimentation but rather be proud and boast of the best intellectual brains in the facility and the GAF as a whole.

He urged all personnel and staff of the facility to work very hard in spite of all the difficulties and constraints and give the maximum support to his successor in order to achieve the best of success for the facility. Adding,You may have the right idea to work on, the right time to start, the right resources to boost, but unless you have the right team, you will never succeed because   ‘’ Together Everyone Achieves More’’.

In his acceptance speech, the in-coming Commander Brig Gen Saka thanked Brig Gen Ametepi and his entire team for the good work done over the years and assured all staff of the facility of his maximum support for the success of the facility.

He asked personnel of the facility for a good corporation as well as pray for God’s guidance in order to raise the standard of the facility high.

A Pulling out ceremony was held for the out-going Commander of the hospital after the handing and taking over ceremony.

Meanwhile a handing and taking over ceremony between the out-going Commanding Officer (CO) of the 37 Military hospital Col Samuel Adjei and the in-coming Commanding Officer of the hospital Col Michael Akwasi Yeboah- Agyepong was held on Thursday, 10 March 2016 at the Board Room of the hospital in Accra.

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