Accident and Emergency Ward

The Accident and Emergency Centre, popularly called A & E, is the destination of all new cases. The Centre, which renders 24-hour service, is well equipped and manned to handle and provide emergency and general health services at all levels and at all times. Facilities have been provided at the Centre for basic and emergency surgeries and all aspect of medical care. Patients can be detained at the Centre for up to a period of 48 hours.

Within this period, the various Specialist Departments are to sort out their cases, treat and discharge them tor transfer them to their various inpatient wards depending on the condition and requirements of each case. Each Department is therefore required to detail a Medical Officer to the Centre with the task of handling cases on behalf of the Department.

When the Polyclinic closes at the end of the day, all cases are seen at the A & E. The A & E of the hospital is one of the busiest of its kind in the country as cases are referred here from all parts of Accra and the country in general. The Centre has its own Operating Theatre, Consulting rooms, stores and Dispensary. It has provision for 30 beds but this often overflows with additional beds being provided to absorb the large number of patients who report to the Centre; especially during the weekends, emergencies, or when civil health institution embarks on industrial action.

A 24-hour Chemist Shop operating close to the A & E Centre provides services but as a commercial enterprise. In the event of the non-availability of a particular drug at the dispensary, purchases could be made from the Chemist Shop. While outpatients may purchase drugs from the Chemist Shop, in-patients are served and billed a propriately.